How One Mistake Turns You Into Monster?

Its natural to people to become so mean sometimes – When we are on a climax of being pissed-off, we tend to say sharp and horrid words that actually we are not intend to say. Just being carried away like how we used to watch dramas on TV or movies.

But the things that I’ve profoundly wonder. Why it seems so hard to us to forgive people just in a single mistake and you just put aside and burried all the good deeds they done to you?

I’m not trying to proselytize that we should be apply the “sense of gratitude” thingy but honestly if we ask for help one way or another we should voluntarily and unconditionally pay it back whether small or in large sense.

I just wonder as well if did they actually take a glimpse what are the things they deal before they jumped out into that state of disappoinments and decisions? How they face actually got shrug when they found out what things got triggered them to pissed-off. I think they weren’t because they are particular care about themselves and what good for themselves only – and beside they already get what they want, so they have a right to be mad at you and entitled you as bad as hell.

But the thing is, after all those things happened – you should never stop to radiate positivity and compassion to others, we are not perfect, we commit mistakes, and to those people hard to haul to their hearts and give forgiveness, you don’t deserve to have even a smallest mistake – you throning yourself as perfect so you should fit it. 

Single mistake never gives you an impression of being hellish. You are human as well. Living with limits and possessing inner demons.


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