29 Things About Me

1. I love Taylor Swift

2. I don’t eat fish (depends on a dish)

3. I love mayonnaise

4. I do write some songs

5. An LGBT member (gay)

6. Not kind of sex-driven gay

7. I love red, white, black, orange, and pink

8. I love chopsuey

9. I can play guitar

10. Jolly and gullible person

11. I have fascinations with supernaturals

12. I cant leave home without HANDKERCHIEF

13. Old-fashioned dresser

14. I have motion sickness in travelling too distant

15. I like meeting new people

16. I’d been hookup with poems

17. Not so good to english; I dont consider myself as ‘smart’,Β average rather

18. A little bit computer or gadgets techy

19. Silent tears

20. Tim Mcgraw by Taylor Swift is my all-time favorite song

21. Not so competitive, but I dont consider myself as a good sport person too. Still depends

22. I dont even know how to play Volleyball or any sports rather

23. I’d rather to eat street food than fast food chain goods – but I love fries (well, sometimes I eat – occasionally)

24. I wish I could go to Israel someday

25. I have a low self esteem

26. A bad singer

27. I’m a martyr sometimes

28. Imperfect and rude sometimes

29. Fragile