Know Me More


Hi! you can call me Vinze!

A Political Science apprentice, 1997.

Actually I have no idea where to start – but I try to take a brief ‘trivia’ about me.

So let start first with….
I like Taylor Swift, I’m a huge fan of her even though I don’t have most of her album and merchandise – pardon me with that because I still living with my parents but I promise to myself that I’ll gonna buy all of her discography or anything related about her as long as I graduate soon and got a better and stable job with oozing salary.
I love short written poem specially those written by Lang Leav (even though I have no books of her, but I read many of her works on web and her twitter account) She gave me a reason to write poems.
I also trying something on me, I love doing a Calligraphy – doing a cursive stuff of line, the details.I like it — no, I mean I really love it!  Since writing cursive is my thing, I level up my hand writing skill which is most of my friends compliment it.
I like reading novels also – but it depends on my mood and taste in type of story.

I’m friendly, and I have a shallow happiness. I have no qualification of having friends as long they respect me – but sometimes when being sober hits I choose to isolate myself alone. Being alone is a good thing you know, reflecting yourself in anything in life, realizing how mess you made, how cool or bad you are. I think being alone is somehow most relevant thing we could ever done ’cause at least we figuring out that we smart enough to do that. I think being alone was the only moments in life to review our self to change for a purpose. Because we itself don’t know who are we.
I’m proud to be an LGBT member – I’m Gay. I’m wishing for gender equality 🙂

I have a positive perspective so there’s no space for bad dilemma.

I wish you like my posts here – Thank you for taking time to visit here.