Know Me More


Hi! I’m Vinze.

Renowned masochist, a heartbroken philanthropist, aspirant monologist, future unemployed, jolly kiddo, LGBT member and kinda mean.

First and foremost I would like to thank you for wasting 5 minutes of your life to take glimpse about me, I really appreciate it to the highest level.

Actually I have no idea where to start – but I try to take a brief ‘trivia’ about me.

So here it goes! Behoooowld *insert hollow voice

When and Why you start blogging?

During my High School days, I was a frustrated writer dreaming to release a self-written full length book that anything comes to my mind — realizations, fascinations and fond’s about universe. Unfortunately, all those dust high hopes is only just another ambitious dream by ordinary,  but then I wasn’t losing a possibilities that my hopes will ‘maybe’ someday, destiny drew a line that lead me to my secret dream. Anyway, I’ve been away the context.

So I start blogging way back in 2015 when I got fascinated with Maine Mendoza, a social media elite sensation who always mimicking and making fun of her face through an app called dubsmash then she was chosen to become an extra on noontime show Eat Bulaga potraying a character named Yaya Dub whose communicating by means of dubsmashing a line from various well known-movie’s and skits. After that, she was featured on Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, a local magazine show here in the Philippines and unfolding the truth who is Yaya Dub was and after that, the show unveiled her true personal background and persona — she was graduated with a Degree on College, she took her internship in New York, how she started dubsmashing and documenting her random thoughts through means of blogging. In order to know more about her I’d tried to access her blog and I read all of her works — I was amazed and feel every single thought and the pieces of her work throughout to me. I felt some kind of mutuality bond between me and her blog posts, things that I’m looking for and that was a moment of realization and interest popped inside my head. Maybe I should try bloggin’ as well? So this where I am.
Maine Mendoza present me a chance that blogging can be my podium to express my whole-self — with respect and peace unlike in various popular social media sites. Owe this to her and hoping someday I will meet her one of this days to thank her personally.

So like Maine Mendoza, looking forward for another phase of my life. To carve something within your heart and hone my self for endless war.

Thank You and I love you guys!



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